Initial Training Course

Registering for EMT Initial Training Course

  1. Go to

  2. Log into you EMS account

    • Create a new account, ONLY if you don't have one

  3. Complete the application

  4. Register for an EMT Initial Training course that fits your personal schedule  

  5. Please contact the course sponsor or coordinator to ensure they accept the NJ EMT TRAINING FUND form utilized by eligible volunteer EMS agencies 


NJ EMT Training Fund (EMTTF)

 A prospective EMT candidate must...

  • have a valid CPR for Providers certification 

  • be a member in "good standing" of an eligible volunteer EMS agency

  • NOT have attempted an EMT Initial Training Course this calendar year

  • NOT have used the NJ EMT Training Fund Form for an EMT Initial Training Course more than twice since July 1, 2012.